Harley WR WRTT Cast Stubby Brake Pedal Fit 37-52 WL & WR Track Bike TROG Bobber

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Nice reproduction of WR, WLDR, or WRTT cast iron stubby rear brake pedal.  I'm not 100% if the factory ever released this part or if it was a privateer idea- and there were as many ideas as there were riders and tuners looking for every little bit of weight savings they could.  This is an ingenious design which incorporates the pedal and bell crank into one unit, saving a fair amount of weight.  This mounts to your rear footboard rod and pivots on it where the bell crank goes on stock support rods.  You use the long rear brake linkage to connect to the rear brake directly.

This is a beautiful casting and properly heat treated for durability.  

The last photo shows a grouping of what we are currently offering for WR type foot controls or rests.  The triangular plate mounts your right rider peg over the sprocket cover to reposition the rider's foot and save weight.  We also carry the metal passenger foot pegs which were used on racing bikes.

We have also added an authentic WR clutch pedal and bracket, special transmission filler plug, and right peg mount which mounts to the sprocket cover.  We also sell complete WR frames, two through five gallon tanks, Daytona oil tanks, seats, fenders, forks, spool wheels, and can build you a rolling chassis if that's your goal.  If you can't find what you need for your WR project here or cimarroncycleworks, just email and ask.

Yes, these are expensive parts but they are done in very small quantities and made to the highest standards.

Ships priority insured only.

We work with a small group of craftsmen and shops all over the world to bring you the most eclectic and relevant listing of parts on eBay or the internet in general.  We stock restoration-correct hardware for 1915-1984 twins and singles, oil lines, fuel lines, wiring, engine and transmission parts, sheetmetal, frames, etc.  

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