Harley 1243-40 Linkert Throttle Shaft Knucklehead Panhead 1940-65; 27276-40

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You are purchasing one European-made throttle shaft and screws for 1 1/2" Linkert carburetors used from 1940 to 1965 on all Knucklehead, Panhead, K, and 45" based racing models utilizing Linkert M-Series 1 1/2" carburetors.

We sell a throttle shaft with an o-ring seal on the bottom flange as well 

We also sell fuel strainers, fuel lines, needles, main nozzles, low and high speed needles, standard and oversize throttle and choke discs, and other repair parts.  Keep an eye on our listings for OEM Linkert carburetor bodies.

I have built literally hundreds of Linkert M-Series carbs over the years and these are an excellent replacement shaft.

Fits the following (Check your own reference material): 
  • 1940-1947 EL & FL 61" & 74" OHV Knucklehead
  • 1948-1965 EL & FL 61" & 74" OHV Panhead
  • 1952-1956 K, KK, KH, KHK, KR, KRTT
  • 1941-1952 WR, WRTT
Some of the following Linkert carburetor models this would have been used on, there are many more applications and the data can be found on line:
  • 1 1/2": M-25, 35, 35T, 35TP, 45, 45A, 53, 53A1, 61, 61B, 74, 74B, & 75
  • MR-3 & MR-4
Please do your research on which carburetor body you have.  Some M-61 and early M-74 bodies were the older 2-298 style and I believe these used the 12 degree disc, this changed with the 2-408 and 2-418 bodies.  The 9X disc carries a -51 part number so this one would have been used through the 1950 season.  This noted, you need to look at your carburetor model, not your model year to make certain you purchase the correct disc.  We do stock all discs for 1924-1965 twin model Harleys.

Please be sure to check our store for more VL & JD era parts such as oil lines, exhaust clamps, and a full selection of plain head, machine cut bolts that are exacting duplicates of the original H-D hardware.  We have fuel tank mount kits, exhaust kits, etc.  Please drop us an email if you don’t see what you are looking for in our eBay store.  We have literally hundreds of parts for 1915-1984 H-D we have not had time to list on eBay as of yet.

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We work with a small and select group of vendors and dedicated craftsmen to bring you the very best restoration and repair parts for 1915 to 1984 Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  We also offer a huge collection of restoration quality plain head, CP-1038, & CP-1035 bolts; fillister head & round head screws; correctly machined nuts & washers; fuel & oil lines; wiring harnesses; handlebar switches; air cooled spark plugs; clips, clamps, and ties in cadmium, parkerized, zinc, chrome, and raw finishes.


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