Harley VL Inner Primary Cover & Clutch Guard 1932-35 OEM 3804-30 3805-30 3812-32

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You are purchasing one European-made reproduction VL upper and lower inner primary cover with the clutch guard piece.  When you find the upper or lower inner primary pieces they are really beat up, torn, or rusted.  This is especially true of the clutch guard.  This is an amazing reproduction done in accordance with the original appearance and engineering principles Harley-Davidson employed back in the day. For those of you who have paid $200-$250 for a "really solid, needs a bit of work"  clutch plate or inner primary thinking you could make your own using that for a pattern, you realize what a great deal this really is.

I realize these covers are expensive but you cannot exactly hammer out your own cover over a weekend with some sheetmetal and body hammers.  VL primary covers are getting impossible to find, especially ones which need no work. 

Take a look at the photos of this fitted up with our outer primary covers, this is one reproduction you will not regret purchasing, the only reason there are only two front mounting screws  instead of the customary three is I dropped one while photographing this and it rolled off under a shelf and we never found it.  The trim of the metal, the spot welding, stamping, and metal thickness is quite accurate and done in very amazing detail.  This is what I call a "no apologies needed" reproduction part.  This will ship in raw sheet metal finish.  If you need the outer primary, I'm more than happy to ship it with this.  We have the 1936 only primary usually in stock and the 1930-31 inner primary will be available shortly.

All this said, I cannot guarantee that an AMCA judge won't find one angstrom's worth of detail difference from an original.  If you live in fear of that, please continue searching for that elusive perfect VL primary cover and I'll continue searching for unicorns because they are both equally hard to find!

Located at and ships from Cimarron Cycle Works in beautiful Cimarron, New Mexico, USA!

You will receive the following:  
  • 3804-30 Upper inner chain guard
  • 3805-30 Lower inner chain guard
  • 3812-32 Chain guard clutch plate
Used on the following models, please cross-check your own reference material to make sure this is right for you: 
  • 1930-1936 V, VL, VC, VLC, VD, VLD, VE, VLE, VH, VLH 74" & 80" side valve or flathead
Ships priority mail or UPS only insured.  I am more than happy to combine this with any other items you might be considering.

Thank you from cimmaroncycleworks!

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