Harley NOS Non-Grounded Cycle-Ray Headlamp Knucklehead VL WL WLA UL RL 1935-43

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You are purchasing one genuine NOS OEM early production Cycle-Ray headlamp which is the correct one for for 1935-1943 models.  This has a #14 lens.  This lamp may have been assembled from NOS parts rather than this being an all original factory-assembled unit.  The bucket is for a non-grounded bulb socket but upon inspection, the socket has a grounding wire attached.  Also, the spring lens clips which were provided by the factory are missing.  These are a cheap and easy item to find.

Finding NOS Cycle-Ray headlamps is getting harder and harder.  Finding an NOS one with the non-grounded bucket is incredibly rare.  This is priced accordingly.  

Body Detail: This is the early style shell which did not use a ground wire.  Therefore, it does not have either an external screw or rivet to affix a ground wire.  The bucket is steel and there are no dents, there are runs in the OD paint as shown which I've seen on many NOS military parts.  The plastic terminal block and the original screws are perfect.  I personally do not believe that there's been near enough research on Cycle-Ray headlamps to definitively state if painted lamps used brass buckets or not or if brass or steel was consistent in use from one year to the next.  For certain, these did not employ a grounding screw or rivet prior to early WW-II.

Lens Detail

This has a #14 mould number at the top of the lens, it is a genuine NOS Guide lens.

Rim or Door Detail:

Rim is steel and does not have the lens retainer springs present, these are quite easy to find. 

Reflector Detail:

This is the mystery of the lamp and may indicate my initial notion that this was assembled from spare parts and may or may not be an all original as-factory-assembled.  It has the three wire bulb socket with the third wire being for grounding.


Shipping is via UPS only in the United States due to insurance.  Due to the item's value, you will need a U.S. shipping address if you are buying from outside the United States.

If this is out of your budget, we do sell a reproduction of this headlamp that is a pretty good reproduction.  We do sell complete headlamp mounting kits for 1936-1957 twin models including VL as well as correct lenses with mold numbers at the top for the war period and up, 6V & 12V bulbs and 1952-up style block print Cycle-Ray headlamps.  We also stock springer style "Guide" marked spot lamps and tail lamp parts.  

Located at and ships from Cimarron Cycle Works in beautiful Cimarron, New Mexico USA.

We keep adding new parts weekly please keep checking here or cimarroncycleworks, if you don't see what you need, just ask.
  • Fits the following, bucket is considered "detail correct" for 1935 to early or mid 1943, with lusterless OD green paint, that would date it roughly 1941-1943 on military bikes:
    • 1935 to 1936 VL, VLD, VLH, VH, VLDD, VLE, etc, 74" & 80" big twin flathead
    • 1936 to 1936 R, RL, RLD, RLE 45" solo 
    • 1936 to 1947 E, EL, F, FL Knucklehead 61” & 74” OHV
    • 1937 to 1948 U, UL, UH, ULH, ULA 74” & 80” flathead
    • 1937 to 1952 W, WL, WLD, WLA, 45” 
    • 1935 to 1957 G, GD, GDT, GE Servicar models
    • 1951 to 1959 125 & 165cc two stroke lightweight or Hummer models
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