Harley Front Brake Lever 1928-40 JD VL DL RL UL WL Knucklehead OEM# 4149-28 EURO

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You are purchasing one European made front brake lever for all 1928-1940 model Harley-Davidsons equipped with front brakes.  This is an amazing reproduction manufactured for absolute accuracy, you can see all original casting marks, the hardware is correct and the cap or bracket has the GL4 casting in it.  This is guaranteed to fit the threads on your original .240 OD brake cable as well as the threads on our USA reproduction brake cables.  This is truly an amazing reproduction and made in very, very small quantities for precision.  Perch or bracket is parkerized, lever is chromed.  The GL 4 cap is the only one we have currently available, there is thinking this would be "detail-correct" for 1934 or so possibly into 1936 or 1937 with the GL 4 cast mark.  Unlike a used lever, this does not need refinishing or hardware replaced, and it's not worn out.

We do sell this as a complete front brake solution with the cable, housing, clamp, adjuster, oiler, and lower connection on another listing or check cimarroncycleworks.  If you don't see it there, just email and ask.

This is NOT an Asian cheap knock-off and is NOT V-Twin's lever.  We evaluated the levers being sold by other vendors and they are horrible.  They will not fit your stock cable nor the high quality reproduction cables and no one knows if they would have been properly heat treated.  Aside from that the hardware is horrible on those.  There's nothing worse than going to grab your brake and have it break off in your hand.

Located at and ships from Cimarron Cycle Works, LLC in beautiful Cimarron, New Mexico, USA!

Fits the following models:

  • 1928-1929 J, JD, JDH
  • 1929-1940 D, DL, DLD, R, RL, RLD, W, WL, WLD 45" solo
  • 1930-1936 VL, VLD, VLE, VLH 74" & 80" Flathead
  • 1928-1934 A, B, C, AA, BA single cylinder
  • 1936-1940 E, EL, ELS 61" OHV Knucklehead
  • 1937-1940 U, UL, UH, ULH 74" & 80" flathead
  • 1932-1940 R, G, GD, GDT 45" Servicar
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