Harley 1947 C-6 UL Knucklehead Transmission Top Shifter Jockey Lid Perfect!

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You are purchasing one known OEM big twin transmission cover or jockey top for hand shift 4 speed twins.  Could be used from 1938-1964 or so but is "detail-correct" for early 1947.  Specifically, this has a date code of "C-6" or March 1946.  By date code, this would have originally been on a late 1946 or early 1947 Knucklehead or UL big twin flathead, but...

According to Bruce Palmer's latest edition of "How To Restore Your Harley-Davidson", this cover should be early 1947 with the shift lever pointed down and the relief milled into the side of the cover.  It seemed highly unlikely to me that parts minted in March of '46 would have been destined for 1947 models released in September, but these were just parts for Harley to build a bike, no one cared back then if all original parts stayed on a bike or that we'd be de-coding casting marks 75 years later.  For certain the shift lever was oriented in the down position starting in 1947.

At any rate, do your research and make sure this is what you need for your restoration.

Condition- lid has been very carefully gone over.  There are no cracks, no gouges, chips, etc. other than micro scratches on the gasket mating surface.  The drum shifts flawlessly.  The lever shaft has no slop in it, the drum exhibits no signs of wear from the shift fingers.  In my opinion, this was an early pull-off part.  It is not NOS as there is some gasket residual on the gasket mating surface.  Otherwise, I'd call this an NOS piece.

Could go right on an original paint bike, we do happen to sell the correct mounting screws for this.  A quick disassembly and media blasting the lid and re-parkerizing the shift lever and detent ball screw.  Those parts may even clean up with solvent and fresh oil.  

Other than NOS ones I've owned in the past, this is by far the nicest transmission top I've had in my possession.

Located at and ships from Cimarron Cycle Works in beautiful Cimarron, New Mexico USA!  We stock and sell many OEM, NOS, and excellent reproduction Knucklehead, UL, Panhead, and Shovelhead

Used on the following models:
  • 1938-1947 E, EL, F, FL, ELA, ELC 61" & 74" OHV Knucklehead, detail-correct for 1947 Knuckle and UL with the mill marks on the side for bolt clearance.  
  • 1938-1948 U, UL, ULH, UH, UA, USA, etc. 74" & 80" big twin flatheads
  • 1948-1964 EL, FL, FLH 61" & 74" OHV Panhead
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