Harley 1934-36 VL VLH Reproduction Tanks Caps Gate Oil Pump OEM 3501-32, 3502-30

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You are purchasing one set of European-made reproduction VL tanks with the correct fuel outlets for 1934-1936 VL models.  These are detailed out as 1936 only VL VLH tanks with a four speed chrome shift guide or gate for 1936 VL & VLH models.  This purchase also includes three 1935-1936 style gas caps and the hand oil pump, as well as a chrome shift guide retaining nut.  The shift gate is also made in Europe.  The caps, guide nut, and oil plunger are USA made.

The tanks are very well made, the fittings are all brass, as original, and comparing to other OEM tanks we have on hand on our own bikes, these are amazing in their detail, fit and finish.  The center strip on the tanks will require you to drill holes to locate the tanks on your frame and make small cut outs for your seat T.  The reason the manufacturer does not finish the holes is that with an 80+ year old frame things shift, things get damaged so the fit can be different from bike to bike.  This is literally all the work you will need to do with these other than paint.

At no extra cost, we can detail these tanks for a 1935 or 1936 with a three speed or a three speed and reverse shift gate.  Or for a bit more, we can detail these as 1934 model tanks with the earlier style caps and a primer or syringe cap.  We also carry the correct shift lever for these tanks if you need that, but the cost would be extra.  We also carry the correct USA-made petcocks for these if you want to add those in at additional cost.  Do note that these do not include the oil pump check valve.  

These are in stock, here in the United States on the shelf, and ready to go as soon as you specify your shift gate and fuel cap needs. 

Sure, these are reproductions, but considering the cost of repairing dents and rust on original tanks, these are a serious bargain.  Dissecting tanks to repair dents, especially on a compartmentalized tank like these left ones are is incredibly expensive.  On average, tank repairs can put you in a set of tanks well into the $3000 range.  We will soon be stocking earlier VL, Single, RL, and JD tanks.

We do have nickel three speed shift guides for JD and early VL as well as chrome ones for VL and a four speed chrome 1936 shift guide.

We also sell hand pumps, gas caps, primer gun caps, fuel lines, oil lines, dash panels, etc. for your JD & VL model, if you cannot find it here or cimarroncycleworks just email and ask.

Located at and ships from Cimarron Cycle Works in beautiful Cimarron, New Mexico, USA!

Machining and plating is identical to original OEM parts. 

Used on the following models, please cross-check your own reference material to make sure this is right for you: 
  • 1934-1936 V, VL, VC, VLC, VD, VLD, VE, VLE, VH, VLH 74” & 80" big twin sidevalve flathead with four speed transmissions.  (But detailed in this listing for 1936 VLH with four speed transmission).


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