Counter Pressure Bottling & Canning Filling & Crowning Machine DK Technologies

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You are looking at a DK Advanced Technologies four head isobaric or counter pressure combination bottler and canner.  Great for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  Nothing else on the market has the capabilities this machine does.

This will fill 8 through 19.3 oz cans, bottles from 12 oz through bombers and all styles of 12- heritage, stubby, etc.  Will fill carbonated or still beverages.  These are incredibly popular with small brewers & distillers, kombucha and soda manufacturers.  Since this is a counter pressure filler, it will handle highly carbonated beverages.  Will process carbonated product at about 12 cans or bottles per minute.

Includes a flip rinse for cans, bottle rinser for bottles, can and bottle totes, pre-fill CO-2 purge, counter pressure fill head dies for cans or bottles, pneumatic capper and pneumatic lid seamer (seamer is all Angelus parts- the gold standard in seamers).  On board regulator stack for air and CO2 operations.

Requires 115 single phase power, air compressor or house air at 110-115 psi, CO2 at 50-60 psi.  A 20 gallon tank compressor with a 1 or 2 HP motor is more than adequate.  

Unit was in use about three years.  We purchased it used and had major canning upgrades done but we had picked up a co-pack contract before it arrived and we now need a faster throughput.  This would be great for a start up or if you are ready to move up from a one or two head filler.  We unpacked and checked the operating condition for the next owner.  The seamer has test time only on it.

Comes with spare gaskets, filler air cylinder, spare can and bottle totes for different sizes.

Unit is ready to crate, email us for a freight quote or you can pick it up at Raton, New Mexico 87740

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